Do You Have a Wheat Belly?

A lot of science has done the work to show that visceral fat, the fat surrounding organs in the abdominal cavity, is very much like any other gland in the endocrine system. This means that visceral fat produces it own hormones and messages. Other organs that release hormone signals are glands such as the ovaries, testes, pancreas, the adrenals, and the pituitary gland in the brain.
Visceral fat is not the same as subcutaneous fat, which sits just beneath the skin. The messages and signals released from fat tissue are pathogenic. Which means that many of the messages promote disease.


So, not only is visceral fat cumbersome, it is also dangerous! We now know that visceral fat:


  • Controls signaling related to appetite.
  • Generates insulin resistance, which is a prerequisite to Type II Diabetes.
  • Increases sensitivity to pain.
  • Inhibits muscle growth.
  • Releases pro-inflammatory messages.


What is interesting about pro-inflammatory messages that are produced by visceral fat is that they take part in what is known as a viscous cycle. In other words, inflammation that originates in visceral fat tells the body to make more fat!


The solution is diet modification! We recommend the candidiasis diet. Be forewarned, its a difficult to maintain diet but you may feel better than you ever have.

Is Stress Contageous?

Can your kids ‘catch’ your stress?

An interesting question asked in an article over at Can your kids ‘catch’ your stress?.

You may think you’re doing a good job of shielding your kids from your anxiety and stress. But research shows that your children are probably picking up on it anyway—and it’s affecting them, physically and emotionally, more than you could imagine.

But how do kids know that something’s wrong, even when we keep telling them—and ourselves—that everything is fine? Neuroscientists call it attunement, and it may have to do with our ability to feel empathy. “Attunement is basically a fancy word for what we used to call the mother-infant bond, where parent and child are so attuned to each other that the child can pick up on a parent’s stress and absorb it almost by osmosis,” explains Code, who calls it “the mind-body connection” in his book. “It’s not so much what we say or do to our kids. It’s more about the ‘vibe’ we give off in their presence. We simply cannot fake being calm to our kids.”

Many parents aren’t even aware of how high their stress levels really are, Code points out. Between the still-weak economy and our increasingly isolated modern lifestyle, “stressed out” has become the new normal. The push to be the perfect parent is also ratcheting up the stress levels—and harming children rather than helping them. “It’s not about, ‘The more attention I give my kid, the better they’ll turn out.’ Rather, it’s about, “The calmer and more social I am, the better my kid will turn out’,’ Code says. “It turns out we were so busy killing ourselves to make our kids happy that our stress is now making them unhealthy.”


How to combat stress as a family:
1 – Parents, have a family purpose bigger than your kids. The article mentions being social as a way to beat stress.
2 – Be calm. What works for you, stop and take a breath? Read a Psalm and pray? Take life a little less seriously and play.
3 – Eat well and get enough sleep. These are also critical for overall health to cope with stress. Also supplement with Omega 3′s, magnesium and vitamins.

Infant Acid Reflux and Baby Colic Treatment

Nurse By Nature Remedies for Infant Acid Reflux and Colic

It took us years of research and many months of writing to complete the guide to end infant colic, Nurse By Nature’s Remedies for Infant Acid Reflux and Colic.

What is Colic? Colic is an umbrella term and has other names such as:

Infant Acid Reflux

Infant Constipation

Colicky Baby

Baby Gas

Newborn Sleep Problems

Fussy Baby

…and many more.

Parents have three options to deal with their baby’s colic:

  1. Over the counter medicine

  2. Natural remedies

  3. Ignore the fussiness, gas, sleeplessness and acid reflux pain cries

Over the counter ‘cures’ DO NOT WORK, they mask the colic symptoms instead of treating the underlying condition. When symptoms are masked your baby may be ‘happy’ but he or she is still in distress because the colic source hasn’t been repaired. Ignoring your baby’s cry for help isn’t an option either. What you need to know is that colic has a multitude of sources and some babies have more than one source of colic. Like peeling layers of an onion, we uncover more than a dozen underlying root causes to provide a comprehensive approach to resolving infant colic. You’ll learn ‘the why’ of colic sources and how to treat them.

Keep reading about infant colic remedies and newborn acid reflux.

Recent Health ‘Discoveries’

Hot off the presses – recent health discoveries!! ..or are they? Let see:

  • To Lose the Beer Gut, Try the Treadmill, Not the Dumbbells
  • Source:
    Comment: Try this – stop drinking beer? duh. Simple diet changes are all that’s needed to eliminate a beer belly.

  • USC study tackles pesticide-prostate cancer link
  • Source:,0,2327105.story
    Comment: Pesticides cause cancer? Really? Since when?? another duh.

  • Half the people in U.S. drink sugary beverages daily, CDC says
  • Source:,0,7229681.story
    Comment: Only half, eh? Not bad. :-)

    The BEARS Strike Back – Global Recession Underway?

    Lately I’ve seen “recession” and “crash” headlines everywhere and maybe that’s what will happen but I wonder if that bearish side is getting crowded…then I see this:

    Global Recession Supporting Data-Points

    • Euro zone’s manufacturing purchasing managers’ index fell to a two-year low of 49.0 in August, down from a preliminary reading of 49.7. (Business Insider)
    • PMI’s contractions seen in Ireland, France, Italy, Spain and Greece. (Business Insider)
    • Germany’s manufacturing PMI slowed to its lowest level since September 2009, slumping to 50.9, well below an initial estimate of 52.0. (Business Insider)
    • US Manufacturing ISM ex-inventory Growth is in contraction (Mish)
    • Japan’s PMI fell at three-month low (Financial Times)
    • PMI readings in Switzerland and Sweden dropped (Financial Times)
    • British manufacturing PMI fells 49, hitting a 26-month low (MarketWatch)
    • Germany private consumption fell for first time since Q4 2009; Manufacturing growth slowest in 23 months (Reuters)
    • Japan capital spending plummeted 7.8%; In Q2, expectations were for 1% increase (RTT)
    • US construction declines 3.5% vs. same period in 2010 (US Census Bureau)
    • China exports to US contract, PMI is barely above contraction (Reuters)
    • Container traffic at Port of Long Beach drops 3.17%, smack in face of normal Christmas season ramp-up (Bloomberg)
    • Canada GDP unexpectedly declines, led by a 2.1% drop in exports (Bloomberg)
    • Brazil unexpectedly cuts interest rates .5% to combat recession; 62 of 62 analysts miss call on rate cut (Mish)
    • Taiwan’s PMI dropped to 45.2 in August, the lowest reading since January 2009 (Reuters)
    • German economy grew just 0.1 percent in the second quarter (Reuters)
    • Switzerland economy grew at its slowest pace since 2009, as a record strong Swiss franc bites into exports. (Reuters)
    • Retail giant in Australia warns of massive price deflation and falling sales, “Hardest Christmas in Retailer Lives” coming up (Mish)
    • US see zero jobs growth, unemployment rate remains flat at 9.1% (Mish)


    Now Mish has been bearish for a long time. If you are bearing for long enough you’ll eventually be right but that’s not helpful when trading.

    What we are seeing is either a fake bounce into year end and then down in 2012 or some think it’s the start of a bull market wave 3.

    One person who is still bullish (on the market, not the economy) is Nadeem Walayat at Market Oracle. It appears a couple of others are too, such as Tony Caldaro. I don’t see anything that could take us to new highs except an (almost) unlimited supply of cheap money (devaluing everything – which is nothing new).