Video – Europe Seeks Cell and Wifi School Ban After Report on Cancer Link

Mobile phone use ‘raises children’s risk of brain cancer fivefold’

Children and teenagers are five times more likely to get brain cancer if they use mobile phones, startling new research indicates.

The study, experts say, raises fears that today’s young people may suffer an “epidemic” of the disease in later life. At least nine out of 10 British 16-year-olds have their own handset, as do more than 40 per cent of primary schoolchildren.

Yet investigating dangers to the young has been omitted from a massive £3.1m British investigation of the risks of cancer from using mobile phones, launched this year, even though the official Mobile Telecommunications and Health Research (MTHR) Programme – which is conducting it – admits that the issue is of the “highest priority”.

Despite recommendations of an official report that the use of mobiles by children should be “minimised”, the Government has done almost nothing to discourage it.


As early as the late 1990′s studies have shown a cancer – cell phone radiation link. The body can withstand a certain level of (radiation, toxic, chemical, emotional and others) stress before disease sets in. It is a cumulative effect that is resulting in cancers and death. Now statistics show an increasing number of cancers and deaths correlated to a growing amount of stresses. The problem is that cancer can take up to 20 years to show in tests and by then it could be too late. The video mentioned dangerous radiation from cell phones, laptop wifi and powerlines but didn’t mention the dangerous radiation from other sources such as “the smart utility grid” exposure, wifi powered lawn watering systems (rain and freeze temperature monitor device is wireless), bluetooth and neighboring wifi sources. The list of dangerous radiation sources keeps expanding. As parents (and for ourselves) we should take precautionary steps to limit exposure and assist the body in eliminating free radicals.

Practical Application:
1 – Detox with Green Foods, Glutathione, probiotics and diet modification.

2 – Filtered Water.

3 – Air Tube Cell Phone Headsets (for smartphones)

4 – Powerline Ethernet replaces home Wifi connections – turn off wifi.

5 – Ban your children from using your cell phone. We put it on speakerphone and hold it so the kids can talk to grandma.

6 – Petition your local school to follow Europe’s lead and turn off wifi.

7 – Sleep 8 Hours

Nuclear Radiation Update – Levels Dropping

According to the University of Berkeley Nuclear Engineering department levels of radioactive particles are dropping in central California! Good news! But additional reactors at risk of meltdown so we aren’t out of the woods yet. Our recommendation is to take precautionary measures and continue detoxing.

Source: UC Berkeley Nuclear Engineering Department Air, Water & Food Samples

Nuclear Radiation Update and Radiation Detoxifying Foods

Fukushima – One Step Forward and Four Steps Back as Each Unit Challenged by New Problems from Fairewinds Associates.

Where is all that Fukushima radiation going, and why does it matter?

So how do we protect our health and our children’s health? Begin with these:

  • Drink Filtered Water
  • Substitute milk and cheese, as radioactive Iodine and Strontium pass from the grass through the cow and into diary products, for rice milk. (we still eat aged cheese but come 2012 our recommendation may be to eliminate all cheese).
  • Ginkgo Bilboba
  • Curcumin
  • Garlic
  • Beta Glucan
  • Melatonin
  • Magnesium
  • Alpha-lipoic Acid

These are all radiation detoxifying supplements\herbs. We are publishing a radiation detox guide for free next month.