Through Diet Modification Athletes Achieve Optimum Performance

A couple of interesting articles highlighting diet changes that helped athletes optimize athletic performance.

  1. Is Novak Djokovic’s new, gluten-free diet behind his win streak? Novak began eating a gluten free diet and his performance improved.
  2. Top Ten Vegetarian Athletes

I take issue with the cynical Doctor who said it was all just in Novak’s head. Food allergies are real and the benefits of avoiding certain foods is also real. I’m allergic to gluten and when I avoid gluten, around day 14, my body detoxes and I feel sick for about 3 days. When I wake-up on the 18th day I feel GREAT! I’m more alert, the mental fogginess is gone and my body starts dropping excess pounds…until the Thanksgiving/Christmas holiday season rolls around and so do I.