Is Stress Contageous?

Can your kids ‘catch’ your stress?

An interesting question asked in an article over at Can your kids ‘catch’ your stress?.

You may think you’re doing a good job of shielding your kids from your anxiety and stress. But research shows that your children are probably picking up on it anyway—and it’s affecting them, physically and emotionally, more than you could imagine.

But how do kids know that something’s wrong, even when we keep telling them—and ourselves—that everything is fine? Neuroscientists call it attunement, and it may have to do with our ability to feel empathy. “Attunement is basically a fancy word for what we used to call the mother-infant bond, where parent and child are so attuned to each other that the child can pick up on a parent’s stress and absorb it almost by osmosis,” explains Code, who calls it “the mind-body connection” in his book. “It’s not so much what we say or do to our kids. It’s more about the ‘vibe’ we give off in their presence. We simply cannot fake being calm to our kids.”

Many parents aren’t even aware of how high their stress levels really are, Code points out. Between the still-weak economy and our increasingly isolated modern lifestyle, “stressed out” has become the new normal. The push to be the perfect parent is also ratcheting up the stress levels—and harming children rather than helping them. “It’s not about, ‘The more attention I give my kid, the better they’ll turn out.’ Rather, it’s about, “The calmer and more social I am, the better my kid will turn out’,’ Code says. “It turns out we were so busy killing ourselves to make our kids happy that our stress is now making them unhealthy.”


How to combat stress as a family:
1 – Parents, have a family purpose bigger than your kids. The article mentions being social as a way to beat stress.
2 – Be calm. What works for you, stop and take a breath? Read a Psalm and pray? Take life a little less seriously and play.
3 – Eat well and get enough sleep. These are also critical for overall health to cope with stress. Also supplement with Omega 3′s, magnesium and vitamins.

Dirty Food – Dangerous Arsenic Found in Poultry

Arsenic, chicken feed and the FDA are three terms not normally seen together in health articles. Here’s how such an alignment can happen… An arsenic-containing drug used in chicken feed will no longer be sold in the U.S. after FDA researchers detected a more dangerous form of arsenic in chickens fed the chemical.

The agency announced Wednesday that Pfizer subsidiary Alpharma will discontinue U.S. sales of 3-Nitro, a drug fed to chickens to help them gain weight and to prevent an intestinal disease called coccidiosis. Chickens that had been given the drug, which contains organic arsenic, had higher levels of what’s known as inorganic arsenic in their livers, compared with chickens not given the drug.

“The inorganic form is more harmful than the organic form, and has been found to be a human carcinogen. Organic arsenic is not known to be carcinogenic. Organic arsenic is the form of arsenic that is the active ingredient in approved arsenic-based animal drugs, including 3-Nitro.”

Researchers’ ability to detect inorganic arsenic in edible tissue – and thus their understanding of the matter – has since changed.

Pfizer will stop selling the drug after 30 days to allow time for animal producers to find new medications. 3-Nitro, a.k.a. roxarsone, is the most common arsenic-based animal drug, but similar drugs have been approved for poultry and pig feed. Of those, only nitarsone is marketed.


Another reason to eat organic and local!

The article says that, “Researchers’ ability to detect inorganic arsenic in edible tissue – and thus their understanding of the matter – has since changed.” Really, is this the only method to understanding our food supply? A researcher’s detection method? What if that researcher isn’t well funded or is told to hide the results, would this “chicken arsenic” policy have ended? How about checking against God’s original created order by asking this simple question…Does a wild chicken eat arsenic? Did God design a Chicken to eat arsenic? These are not difficult questions to ask.

Why is “chicken arsenic” necessary, can’t a chicken survive without it? Yes but not in the conditions these birds are raised in. Tens of thousands of birds living existing in a large metal shed is a sure way to breed birds that are weak and sick. Imagine you are ordering at a fine Mexican restaurant and the waiter asks, “Would you like your enchiladas with weak and sick hormone, anti-biotic and arsenic enriched chicken or the weak and sick hormone, anti-biotic and arsenic enriched beef?” That is your only option at most establishments.

The next logical question is, “Were humans designed to survive and thrive by eating meat that is hormone, anti-biotic, arsenic, eats genetically modified feed and other chemicals (where the long term side effects are unknown) enriched?” NO! Research is showing “super-bugs” (like MRSA) are being created because of our over dependence on anti-biotics – both in human and animal “health.” The toxins and anti-biotics in food is ruining our gut health which leads to chronic disease. Fixing our food supply should be a central theme to “health care” reform. Otherwise it is still “sick care” (do you go to the doctor when you are healthly or sick? sick = sick care). In some cultures the doctor only gets paid if you are not sick. Financially incentivizing desired outcomes, such as a healthy population, is wise. At some point insurance company’s will figure out keeping people healthy is cheaper than keeping people sick but then at that time why would we need them? So keeping people sick is key to their survival, not yours.

The final question is this, “What other dangerous drugs are in the food supply?” The bottom quote of, “but similar drugs have been approved for poultry and pig feed. Of those, only nitarsone is marketed.” Wasn’t this dangerous arsenic drug also approved? Yes it was. A recent JAMA article exposes that only 50% – 60% of drugs have effectiveness data and they didn’t research if any of this information made a difference in patient care. The JAMA article:

Context: Comparative effectiveness is taking on an increasingly important role in US health care, yet little is known about the availability of comparative efficacy data for drugs at the time of their approval in the United States.

Conclusion: Publicly available FDA approval packages contain comparative efficacy data for about half of NMEs recently approved in the United States and for more than two-thirds of NMEs for which alternative treatment options exist. We did not investigate the extent to which available comparative efficacy information is useful for clinical guidance.


To summarize the FDA approves a high percentage of drugs without effectiveness (or safety) data. That’s not because the drugs are safe. So why would they act and be so irresponsible? Right now, how many reasons can you name why a government agency would act irresponsibly and not in the best interest of the citizenry? Go! … How many reasons did you come up with?

Practical Application:

  1. God’s created order (Genesis 1-2) gives insight into healthy living and making the best decisions for you and your family.
  2. Watch the movie Food Inc.
  3. Find a local organic grocery or farm.
  4. Protect your GI with probiotics and limit dirty food consumption.
  5. Ask your Federal representative to protect small farmers and the organic standard. Support candidates that care more about your freedoms than the growth and power of multi-national corporations.

Biblical Prophecies Don’t Fail, Men Do (Part 3 of 3)

In the first two parts we reviewed what is a noble character and the true Christian salvation message. Today we will cover the controversial topic of biblical prophecies.

So why would an alternative health site cover these topics? Because it’s important to have a measured approach to life and health. Staying informed and understanding the times we live in will help you make the best choices for yourself and your family. Also having a noble character to discover things yourself is so important in navigating the days that we all live in, including making the right health decisions.

Part 3 reviews biblical prophecies and that biblical prophecies often begin with an event, not a day like December 21st, 2012. A biblical example is in Daniel which says, “From the rebuilding of the temple…” measure so many years and the purifying work of God is complete. So the next time you see someone say this or that calendar day is THE DAY just be like Mike and ignore that person. But when you see specific EVENTS that are mentioned in the bible THEN take notice. The events, when they start, will come fast and furious so start spiritually and physically preparing now. In Revelation there are many events a notable one is the “signing of the 7 year peace agreement.” That event kicks off the final 7 year period described in the book of Daniel for purification and ushering in the most Holy one (God the Son, Jesus). The 7 years is divided into two 3.5 year segments. Each segment will see specific EVENTS and the worse events are in the second half, the final 3.5 years. I expect this entire event will fool people. They will think the event is a good thing after all it is a peace agreement, right? It will seem so positive but the next 7 years will go from OK, to decent, to not-all-that-great, to difficult, to horrible, “to the worst the world has seen since the flood.” As for the rapture, this is a source of great debate but I see ZERO reason that the rapture happens at the beginning of the 7 year peace agreement. Maybe at the 3.5 year midpoint a partial rapture (Revelation 13) and another partial, but larger, rapture upon the Lord’s return. Why else would it call for patience on the part of the saints during that trial? Also how else could God’s people be persecuted (as it says in Revelation) if they were all raptured? Finally the scripture states that many would fall away; I’m guessing because of these false prophets cause people to lose faith as the false prophecies are continually wrong. Even the Lord’s return isn’t the end of the world, just the end of this world’s system. Then there’s another 1,000 years before the earth and heavens are recreated. Fear is Satan’s tool to thwarting faith and trust in God. If you find yourself afraid remember God is in control and He loves you. Also be of noble character; search the scriptures yourself and find out what is true. Don’t blindly take my word for it. Blessings to you.

Biblical Prophecies Don’t Fail, Men Do (Part 2 of 3)

In Biblical Prophecies Don’t Fail, Men Do (Part 1) we discussed noble character traits and how oft people trade a noble character for blind commitment to a person, party or corporation. The noble character is earnest but also double checks the information for its validity. In part 2 we are reviewing the basic Christian message and biblical prophecy – how to know the difference between the false and real.

So what does the bible say about heaven, hell and eternity? When you hear that “God hates Fags” do you believe it because some person who claims to be something important said it or do you double check it yourself? Read John chapter 3 and it is written that God desires none should perish. Got that? That no person would perish in hell and eternal separation from Him. In other words, God desires that everyone goes to heaven! Jesus said about himself, “I came not to judge but to save.” When you go to church and you hear a message condemnation towards this or that group do you nod in agreement? Does your noble character perk up and double check the message against the Bible? Do you do the noble thing for yourself and your family? What you would find is the our battle isn’t against flesh and blood but against the principalities and powers in heavenly places. There is a spiritual war that needs to be fought spiritually. As to the topic of hell the Bible states that men are already condemned. What makes the Christian gospel good news is this; that Jesus was sent to save men from the judgment we are already under! Therefore we are all are in the same boat, Democrats & Republicans, the rich and the poor, black and white, academic and the unlearned, the straight and the gay, socialite and the geek are all alike under judgment from our sinful disobedient actions toward God. After God rolls up the heavens and the earth then is the day of judgment and at that time God hands out judgments and rewards. The day of judgment is not October 2011! The difference among world religions is how then to be free or clean of sin and enter into God’s eternal reward for you. The real Christian message is unique among world religions in that God says we cannot attain the reward by our own actions but by faith alone. Think about that for a moment, making the holy pilgrimage or attaining inner peace or emptying one’s self or doing good deeds or something else is the core of world religions. The emphasis is on the person to achieve or act externally to attain the reward. The real Christian message says it is by faith, alone, the reward is given.

Ephesians chapter 2:8-9 Saving is all God’s idea, and all his work. All we do is trust him enough to let him do it. It’s God’s gift from start to finish! We don’t play the major role. If we did, we’d probably go around bragging that we’d done the whole thing! No, we neither make nor save ourselves. God does both the making and saving.

Granted real faith produces new activities but the biggest change begins inside your heart, “If you believe in the heart and confess with your mouth Jesus is Lord, you shall be saved.” Salvation begins, continues and finishes it journey in the heart and secondly works outward. Here’s another example of heart, God so loved the world that He sent His only Son…we live in a day where man’s love is growing cold but God’s is as strong as ever. Unfettered love freely saving men and bestowing upon them a new spiritual nature is the unique Christian message that is different the all other world religions. Be a noble character person and search out this for yourself. God bless.

Biblical Prophecies Don’t Fail, Men Do (Part 1 of 3)

Harold Camping’s doom and gloom prophecy failed this past weekend it was a failure of men, not God.

Hopefully Harold Camping’s followers have learned an important lesson; double check the information and do not give any source a free pass. They are not the only ones who should learn this lesson. The followers of spiritual, governmental, corporate or other organizations should double check the information and not naively bestow upon the source your unlimited trust. The bible commends people for double checking information. In Acts chapter 17 the people were commended for being eager AND double checking the message that was preached. Here’s the situation from Acts 17: “Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.” What a wonderfully balanced approach, they were not skeptical and bitter but earnest and cautious. Is your character noble? There can be sad and unfortunate consequences in putting your faith and trust in humans:

In the Camping ordeal two parties were at fault; Harold Camping and the followers. This mistake is oft repeated. Parents blindly trusting doctors who are just promoting Big Pharma’s profit interest instead of reading the vaccine inserts or considering less invasive alternatives. (Did you know Japan pushed back the child vaccination schedule to after two years old and practically eliminated SIDS? Around 2 years old the child’s blood-brain barrier develops which keeps out of the brain heavy metals and preservatives, such as formaldehyde, that are found in every vaccine.) Party members believing their government representative always represents them and would never sell out to a corporate or ideological interest. If you believe politicians never lie and governments always do what’s best for her citizens I beg you to wake up and realize most people are selfish and motivated by selfish means. Only God and His Word should be placed on a pedestal, men and women do not belong on the “untouchable” platform. Realize this is where bitterness can form, when one focus on the evil in the world today. Focus on the goodness and power of God who loves you and is in control of all. Continued faith in God is the key to victory. God bless you.