2012 Predictions

I think this annual pontificating is pointless – after all who knows the future except God? So my ’2012 Predictions’ are trends that should become mainstream knowledge in the next 12-24 months but again, they may not. Without further ado let the guessing begin…

#1 Mexico descends into chaos. The greatest security threat to America is Mexico’s political instability. While many are leaving Mexico, we could see a million women, children, fathers and mothers cross the border all at once, a mass exodus. Timeframe: 6-24 months.

#2 Nuclear war in the middle east or preemptive attack by Israel on Iran. The Arab Spring was a lose for democracy and Bush’s/Obama’s middle east muddling has (is) radicalized the region. The radical Muslims are sweeping into power and will act against Israel as a united force behind Iran’s nuclear power. Iran’s goal is simple: eliminate Israel. Oh, and the US is a target too. BTW, Iran nukes are not a concern, what concerns the US is that Iran is trading oil for other currencies and the dollar is losing it power as a reserve currency. While Israel’s concern is Iran is the leader whom the other Arab counties, post-Arab spring, are looking to for guidance. The theory is take out Iran and you’ll kill two birds with one stone but it’ll piss off China and Russia…

#3 So, after #2 happens a 7 year peace agreement will be brokered by someone from the Greece/Macedonia/Asia Minor area. Greece has experienced riots and this will escalate because the country is soon to be no longer in control of its budget. Germany and the EU will be approving Greece’s budget resulting in tremendous backlash against Germany…now what was that country that was at the center cause of WWI and WWII…hmmm?

#4 Market crashes after an inflationary run through 2012. Over the next 12-30 months the March 2009 SnP low of 666 is breached. Deflation ensues but that won’t last forever as a hyper-inflationary depression follows in 3-6 years. Food becomes very expensive as the dollar loses its reserve currency.

#5 Over the next 12-24 months governments around the world become more authoritarian as citizens become more fearful and willing to abdicate power to central authorities for government protection.

Dec 21st 2012 isn’t the end of the world; we’ll still be here…the political landscape may change but life on earth will continue.

Don’t be scared, be prepared. Preparation is important but knowing God’s reassuring grace gives a peace that can’t be bought.

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